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How to Rip Songs off a Video/Music Player on the Internet February 23, 2007

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Today you will learn how to rip songs off a video/music player on the Internet, with this easy-to-use program called “Goldwave”.

(Requested by Reg and Non-Sing King)
1. Log on to the official site – http://www.goldwave.ca/ and on the left hand side, click on “Download”. It will lead you to the downloads page. Scroll right down until you see this:

Click on any of the above links to download the latest version of the software.

2. Once you have downloaded and installed the program, open the Goldwave software. Your screen should look like this:

3. Click the icon “New” or the shortcut – (Ctrl + N) and a little pop-up window should appear. Make sure you have these settings:

For the “Initial File Length” part, you input the length of the song you want to rip.

The song i will rip is 3:49 minutes long, so i input this into the section, as shown above. When you’re done, click “OK”.

4. Press F11 on your keyboard and a pop-up window should appear. Go to the “Volume” tab and input these figures:

Master Control: 100
Stereo Mix: 30

Remember to select the Stereo Mix box (TICK the box). Otherwise, there will be NO SOUND recorded. Then click “OK”.

Note: When you tick Stereo Mix, this means it will record ALL the sounds from your computer!! So if you are on MSN, remember to turn the sounds OFF so none of the sound will be recorded

5. On the “Control” toolbox, press the red dot button to start recording, or the shortcut (Ctrl+F9).

6. Go to the page where you want to record the song and press PLAY (to play the song) as QUICK as you can. For me, I want to record a track off Myspace from the Myspace Music Player, so i immediately press play to start recording the track/song.

7. When you are in the process of recording, your screen should look like this:

8. You can make sure the track is right by pressing the Play button in the Control Toolbox. When your recording is finished, go to File > Save to save the song.

9. A pop-up window will appear. There is a drop down menu with a variety of extensions you can save it as. I selected .mp3 format to save my track. Then click “Save”.

10. A pop-up window will appear which will show you the process of saving the file.

And you’re done! 😀 Let me know if this works for you!!!



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KEELEY’S TUTORIAL WEBSITE IS UP!!! Ok.. So I finally took the time to create a website and write to you my step-by-step tutorials with all the printscreens and pictures to guide you through the whole thing. I hope these tutorials will help you and you will learn something from it!! Oh yeah.. feel free to send me a request for what tutorial you want and ill update this blog ASAP.

I appreciate all your comments, so yeah.. enjoy and take care!

Keeley xx